Saturday, November 3, 2012


mid-day shadows
for an island upon which to gather berries & silence
thorned & violet as cotton acanthium
bring me quiet blue
splashing against sinew & marrow
wide & pale as fragility
still …. 
hushed birdsong & anthem
hushed to lines bold & righteous
hush ….
i will wear feathers
      find you

At Plum Tree Books, we are having a little Blog Walk
to celebrate Joss Landry's new book Mirror Deep, 
This blog walk centers around a paragraph, poem or piece challenge - using the word longing.
I can run a little luke-warm on traditional blog-hops, so this is a great incentive to write something new, include other artists & writers … and meet some new friends !

I hope you check in, and see who has joined our longing walk …...


5th November:
Jennifer Kiley  @occultguardian

6th November: 

8th November: 
Tonia Marie Harris @TMarieHarris

10th November: 

Dianne Ebejer: 

Susie Bertie: 

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