Wednesday, June 28, 2017

salon #1

fingers graze
echinacea tequila sure
robust elixir
sun / shade divine
turning turning spinning time
of more
sweet summer grass beaming
present leaning
to aster's bumble of  morrow's edge
delight of day to pierce the thread
Oh orange cherry blossom moon!
dazzle this dream
lengthen this hour
this everlasting June
bewitched with light
spoon-flower bloom
to the edge of lonely
with dreams of autumn
knotted besotted
with dandelion's daughter
who comes to speak of winter here?
violet buttercup mouth of western wind?
olive tongues glancing dancing upon the white birch thigh's of midday?
no cloud lingers against this azure blue surety
turning turning spinning shine
constellations alter
blackberry wine

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

mid june

to that particle fullness
chirping beneath this ecru canvas
rolling, rolling
somedays nothing comes to the surface
the clouds of this storm
this rain
falling, falling
cycles & spirals
carousels of summer
thunder comes

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

dream at five o'clock in the morning

somewhere in the sculpted hole that is the moon
i fall
pressing hands against soil
feathered wet
from last night's thunderstorm
hail the size of apples pounds
lightening bright as lightening
downpour tempest water rising

i fall
grasping downpours melancholy
gasping fast to thunder booms
earth and feathers blue
hackberry's bark drips drips damp
from patchwork sky
grayest clouds and fireflies

the rain abates
birds wake
except the great-horned owl
in the curly willow sighing
to light a comet tail burning
this night adjourning
somewhere in the sculpted hole that is the moon

Monday, June 12, 2017

strawberry moon

what is it that arises when you look around
to find yourself
discover yourself
.... in a meadow of emptiness
too busy watching your footsteps to notice the lack
too busy watching
too tied in knots to discover the void
there you are
nothing pressing pressing in on
nothing pressing out
suspended jubilant molecules
down down to earth's fire
where is the water?
where is the moon?
where is love's surrender?
what is it that arises when you look around?
vast blue-sky emptiness

call it your name
grasp it
unfurl it
dissolve to it
become it
become emptiness
become vast
             and blue

allow it to unveil
stripped and tender
you are fire
you are water
you are surrender

you are the strawberry moon 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

of stasis & steps ...

i am moved by rainfall
courted by lilacs
discussed by leathered gypsies around campfires
fired up at dusk amongst aspen & age
embers burning the silk of our resistance
distance lies only in the disconnect
dormant is the dream in direct proportion to wakefulness
ease into this summer fire
ease into allowing the possible
love is only as small as your container:
dance with the morning
taste the rain on your tongue
be still

Sunday, June 4, 2017

in & of part one

timeless enfolding
syncopated rhythms of petaled tender
we turn inward while turning outward
to sun
to the violet edges of linen old
crinkled clasping of celadon hope to breast full-striving
for the sulfur spring
while doubt circles disguised as stardust
we loom fierceness with hands leaning in ....
how can we tender so to such persimmon fragility
while soothing our own feathered fear & bones?
holding in fractal spaces defined by
lips pressed to peach skin pressing protection white white
lean in
lean in
to love in all it's brilliance
to the cutting sorrow path
lean in

Saturday, June 3, 2017


I have never been comfortable with birthdays.  Very sharp memories roll across my personal
super-screen of sherbet-tight ruche'd dresses, bobbie socks and birthday hats.  It is when the singing begins, that ballad to birthdays, that I would bolt from the room inexplicably overcome with--something.
Birthdays make me squirm … make me long for quiet, solitary moments near water or mountains or sky.  Recognition became intangible, uneasy, emotional.  Somewhere along the timeline, my psyche determined that to celebrate birthdays--to celebrate myself--with abandon and delight, somehow appeared wanting. I was afraid of the emotion of joy.
But, something is happening. Over the last few years, I am learning how to bend into the receiving, allow room for the gathering of things given: parties, cakes, trinkets, artistry and Love.
I am learning how to make room for not only joy, but for myself.
In receiving, I am softening & leaning into the grace of openness.
It is an expansive and grand thing to be recognized, to be celebrated--to be seen.
To those with the patience and skill to 'teach' me … to love me enough to really know me - thank you.
We should never be afraid of being seen
 ,,,, just don't sing that damn birthday song.